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Dante and Tomahawk

dante & The Tomahawk


Lyall Mabin⎟Michael Robins⎟Angela Scundi⎟Robert Yarnton⎟Rob La Terra⎟Guy Driscoll⎟Dean Paxton


Director/Producer/Director of Photography⎟Andrei Schiller-Chan

First Assistant Director⎟Daniel Dorje Byron, Andrew Roberts, Ashley Bartholomew

Camera Operators⎟Wiley Burchall, Sam Steele, Corey Barnett, Jeffrey Bell, Matt Freitas

Sound Recorder⎟James Bridgen

Editor⎟Andrei Schiller-Chan, Daniel Dorje Byron

Focus Puller⎟Matt Freitas

VFX⎟Corey Barnett

Grips⎟James Bridgen

Lighting⎟Samuel Steele, Wiley Burchall, Corey Barnett

A religious man runs from the threat of death only to find a spiritual being tormented by the inability to die. One man wishes for the what the other has and violent, jealous passion undo everything they have created.

Trailer Dante
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