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Voice Training and Strategy to give you the confidence to explore new roles, lead from the front, and inspire those around you. 

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Free Initial Consultation

Many people like the opportunity to simply obtain advice about their objectives, to discuss the options and courses available to them, the problems and impacts they face, and how we can help before they decide what further steps to take which is why Orator offers everyone a free initial consultation.

The free consultation can take place by telephone or video conference. The consultation is intended to last for approximately an hour to ensure that you have all the information you need to make a decision about how to proceed!

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Sacha Stewart

Keynote Speaker / Mindfulness Coach

While being able to keep my natural sound qualities, he helped me discover a deeper resonance and taught me how to use my voice effectively.  It’s given me a huge level of confidence when I go into present, to know that I will be not only heard, but he also gave me techniques to develop my presence as well so that I can give my words more meaning

What Orator provides

Orator works with you to individualise your path to a new speaking career. Stay on track and motivated from the first session with your own personal coach that has your back long after the sessions are finished!


Discover the Orator's influence through the foundation of voice: quality, inflection, placement, and pitch.

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Discover resonance and how it influences your voice and its influence on others.


Orator provides complimentary online support long after the sessions are over!*

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Learn and practice the latest research on body language communication.


Test your acquired skills with workshopping and rehearsals.


Own the space, with confidence, volume, and clarity!

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 Learn stage-crafting that creates a weak or strong status position, and how to work with an audience.


Liberate deficient vocal habits like fatigue, soreness, and vocal tension.


Receive a documented analysis on the character profile of your voice and areas for improvement. 

*Only available for The Agoge Programme and The Consulere Programme

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