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Rubin "Hurricane" Carter

Andrei finally met with childhood hero, Rubin Carter, in Toronto in 2014. From the time he idolised as a young man till the farewell hug shortly before Rubin's death, Andrei has made it paramount to continue the work that Rubin left behind. To take responsibility of the human condition and all its shortcomings and transcend the limitations of man to make this world better than it is without forgetting those left at the bottom. Prison rehabilitation and wrongful convictions is something Andrei will continue to invest his spirit into.

Rubin Carter was wrongfully convicted and subsequently exonerated  of triple homicide and has been the subject of many books, films and journals. His story has been immortalised by Bob Dylan's song The Hurricane.



The organisation begun by Rubin Hurricane Carter and Ken Klonsky (Featured Above) acts as a global service network dedicated to defending innocent people from wrongful convictions and holding those accountable who knowingly convict the innocent and benefit from those convictions.

Rubin Carter
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