"As a mindfulness and meditation teacher, I came to see Andrei as I needed help to project my voice which was very gentle and soft, and I was having trouble being heard in larger spaces. My voice was definitely in the back of my throat and at times I was swallowing my words, especially when I felt a bit nervous when presenting to bigger audiences.  


While being able to keep my natural sound qualities, he helped me discover a deeper resonance and taught me how to use my voice effectively.  It’s given me a huge level of confidence when I go into present, to know that I will be not only heard, but he also gave me techniques to develop my presence as well so that I can give my words more meaning. His patience, kindness and words of encouragement along the way were instrumental in making me feel comfortable to go out and use these new skills out in the world.  I can hear and feel the difference in my voice and I know it is carrying effectively in a room.  

These are not only learnings for my work, but I feel I have gained an invaluable tool for life."


Voice Coaching & Strategy

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