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by Andrei schiller-chan

Voice & Speech COach  

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Voice Coach

Orator provides coaching in voice, body language, resonance, speech writing, and public engagement to give you successful strategies or tools to achieve your goals and strengthen your confidence in speaking.  

Our intuitive responses to the human voice, are as fascinating as they are extensive! They are the calming of an infant induced from a lullaby, or the felt sense of reassurance from a leader's tone; in short, we respond to voices without having a glimmer of the ways they influence us. 

So, how do we become mindful of what our voice is saying about us and how do we create the impression we desire? 


I am writing this letter of reference with vast knowledge of the character of this extraordinary human being. I can also say with extreme happiness that Mr. Schiller- Chan came into my life during a time when I was desperate for help. I sincerely believe that had Mr. Schiller-Chan not come into my life when he did, I would not have survived the trials and tribulations I was experiencing.


—  David McCallum III, exoneree and the subject of

'The Last Miracle of Rubin Hurricane Carter: Freeing David McCallum'  by Rubin Hurricane Carter & Ken Klonsky


Based in London, with over 8 years as a voice professional, Andrei has coached clients ranging from corporate leaders, actors, Tedx speakers, instructors, and athletes.


As a member of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter’s Organisation, Innocence International, that works on behalf of wrongfully convicted prisoners, he founded The Sol III Company to raise awareness for wrongfully convicted, David McCallum III. In 2014, David was exonerated after serving 29 years, and Andrei continued the company to coach others to find a strong voice for the silenced and for themselves.


This was to become Orator; and it continues to inspire a voice to those who find themselves voiceless.

Andrei holds a Masters in Voice Studies from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (UK), and studied a Bachelors of Commerce at Deakin University (Aus).

Dr Carter and Ken Klonsky, were Orator's mentors and foundation for helping people find their voice. Rubin's life purpose was to speak up for those who are silenced - and to inspire humanity to take responsibility for what we say, and what we do with those words; his purpose is the foundation for Orator's method and code.

"On September 25, 2004, Innocence International was born. It functions as a global service network dedicated to defending innocent people from wrongful convictions and holding those accountable who knowingly convict the innocent and benefit from those convictions...The greatest evil of all is when good people do not fight for what they know to be the truth. As Shakespeare wrote, 'Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds.'" – Dr Rubin Carter  



Dr. Rubin "Hurricane" Carter





"As a mindfulness and meditation teacher, I came to see Andrei as I needed help to project my voice which was very gentle and soft, and I was having trouble being heard in larger spaces. My voice was definitely in the back of my throat and at times I was swallowing my words, especially when I felt a bit nervous when presenting to bigger audiences.  


While being able to keep my natural sound qualities, he helped me discover a deeper resonance and taught me how to use my voice effectively.  It’s given me a huge level of confidence when I go into present, to know that I will be not only heard, but he also gave me techniques to develop my presence as well so that I can give my words more meaning. His patience, kindness and words of encouragement along the way were instrumental in making me feel comfortable to go out and use these new skills out in the world.  I can hear and feel the difference in my voice and I know it is carrying effectively in a room.  

These are not only learnings for my work, but I feel I have gained an invaluable tool for life."

The Exoneration of

david Mccallum III

The 29 Year Battle for Justice

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