The ORator Voice Workshop

This workshop is available to corporations, schools, yoga schools, teaching institutions and other group formats requiring the use of daily speech.

  • Combat the Fear of Public Speaking

  • Discover your Presence

  • Deepen or Increase your Range and Resonance

  • Learn how to communicate more effectively with the body

  • Adopt constructive habits; relieve destructive ones

  • Increase your Assertiveness & Confidence

The following workshop summary briefly encompasses exercises, practicalities, philosophy and the mindset in reviving or strengthening the natural voice. The Natural Voice can be stated briefly by the following:


"The Natural Voice and its potential are what we came into the world with at birth. But life batters us and restricts us in such ways that most of us settle into what I term a habitual voice. The natural voice is quite simply an unblocked voice that is unhampered by debilitating habits. Habits physically manifest themselves as holds or barriers to the sounds we make." [1]

The techniques taught in this workshop maintain to the physiology of the voice, or, the application of technique for vocal form. The workshop will address destructive habits and methods in freeing the voice from those restrictions, on posture, projection, vocal placement, relaxation techniques, preserving the voice, but most importantly vocal empowerment and the right to speak; addressing the psychosomatic reasons for various vocal tensions.

The soul defines the voice.


In early 2014 I spoke at a few schools about my work with Innocence International [2] & the wrongful conviction of David McCallum III. I focused on an interactive exposition of the voice with the hope of inspiring young students with the maxim that “If you can speak, you have the responsibility to speak for all those other voices who are silenced.” David was exonerated from 30 years in prison through the power of words and speech. The power of the voice is not to be underestimated. I know first-hand the feeling of losing the power of your voice, as depression through my childhood and teenage years stifled, and separated, the fingerprint of my voice that I was born with. I had to earn my voice again, and I believe has become stronger because of that transformation. The voice can always be transformed.

The workshops involve movement, imagination and most importantly laughter and have been sought by institutions across continents. 


[1] Patsy Rodenburg, The Right to Speak: Working with the Voice, (Routledge, Inc, 1992), ch III, 19

[2] ‘Innocence International’ was the wrongful conviction agency founded by the infamous Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter. Rubin was a Middleweight World Champion Boxer and spent 19 years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. On his death bed, Rubin wrote what was called his ‘Dying Wish’ in the New York Daily. The subsequent open letter was to become a key ingredient in the exoneration of David McCallum III. The following letter can be read here:

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