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Boxing for Beginners to Amateur (Olympic) Level

Andrei has learnt to be an amateur fighter & trainer from the best coach in Asia Pacific, and has been a protege of Pradeep Singh for almost 5 years.

Book a session with Andrei and learn to fight, with technique, footwork, and defensive strategies. Truly learning a real skill and appyling yourself to perfection of an art form, and not the lazy pitfalls of "boxercise", is the true real joy you'll come to adore, and put you on the path of accomplishing your mental and physical goals.


Learn to Box, Spar, Defend with Coach Andrei Schiller-Chan

The Details

What you need: Runners. Active Wear, Water Bottle

Boxing Gloves, wraps, and mitts (if required) are provided.

Where: London

When: Contact below for scheduled classes

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"I feel incredibly lucky to have found a class which combines real boxing technique and mindfulness! In just three classes, Andrei has strengthened my awareness of my body, mind and breath. I am finding myself becoming a lot more grounded in and out of class and I am learning so much about myself. I can't wait to continue the journey. Thanks for offering  such a great opportunity!"

Sabeena Manalis - Actor (Howard Fine Studios)

"During my preparation to play Robert Earl Hayes, in The Exonerated. I participated in one the most unique and stretching Character Development exercises, called The Actors Bushido, run by Andrei Schiller-Chan at The Hurricane Hall. The Actors Bushido mixes tested martial arts and boxing techniques, to help anchor the actor to their character, and to remain mentally and physically present under pressure. Just as you would control your breath and flexibility when constricted in a jiu jitsu bout, the same sustained technique is equally applicable on and off stage. This approach compliments the type of training that gets the artist out of their head and focuses on a firm but fluid physicality, and complete embodiment of the Text."

Vuyo Loko - Actor (Othello, The Exonerated)

" Andrei is a lion hearted legend & his soul infuses everything he does. Boxing at the Rubin Carter Hall teaches rhythm, breathing and connecting voice to the breath. Every session with Andrei Schiller-Chan illuminates something new. He is an excellent teacher." 

Joseph Green - Stand Up Comedian

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